Pennwood Estates

I just closed on my new Shurm Home in Pennwood Estates on November 8th, 2021. I can't brag enough about Lin, the Project Manager for Shurm Homes. He definitely is dedicated to the needs of the buyer and he worked what I call a miracle to make sure I was in my home by the closing date & has still been there for any of my concerns since I've been in the home. Melanie, the realtor for Shurm homes was there for me every step of the way to address any issues or concerns I may have had. Their team is awesome and I appreciate them sooo much! I've never had a call not answered nor have I never had a concern not be addressed. They are professional & I am in love with my home! Thank you Shurm Homes!

Pennwood Estates

I closed on my home in December 2020 and I couldn't be happier!  Shurm is an awesome company and has an amazing staff!  From the beginning Melanie (Shurm Realtor) held my hand through this unfamiliar process and was always there to answer any question or respond to any concern.  Lin (Shurm Project Manager) is the best in the business; this guy went above and beyond for me and did the impossible in the midst of a global pandemic!  Lindsay (Shurm Design) was always helpful and super responsive to the many request we put in both during and after the initial design meeting.  By going with Shurm we were able to truly customize our home to fit our liking, this is way beyond what you would get with some of the competing companies.  The entire experience was 5 stars.  Even when we faced hurdles; the team was always there and beyond helpful!  Again, we couldn't be more happier with our home!  And if you are considering Shurm trust me when I say you will not be disappointed!  Special thanks to Jennifer and Mr. Shurm, we'll see you again when I purchase my next home :)

Pennwood Estates

Absolutely loved our design experience!  It was very fun and I didn't feel like there wasn't a question I could ask that they couldn't find an answer for.  They are really good with custom requests as well, we felt very taken care of.

Dispatch Station

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how great Josh has been during this whole process.  He answers in a timely manner and he really cares to make us happy.  I know building a house can be stressful but we have been incredibly pleased with how non-stressful it has been.


Mark And Miriam Burton
Glebe Hill

Shurm was the most flexible, and accommodating, and we felt that we could get the most for our money by choosing them. John Shurm and his team helped us take one of their stock plans and modified it into a floor plan that we loved and that best fit our unique needs. We would not hesitate recommending Shurm Homes to anyone considering building a home, and encourage all homebuyers to look into the building option.

Natasha and Doug
Village at Olde Colony

I would like to take a moment to reflect on three Shurm employees/representatives that we encountered. Though we had a realtor, Mike Peele was great with us during our initial meeting. We believed him to be upfront and properly set our expectations well before we signed any paperwork or paid any money to Shurm Homes. The expectations that were set by Mike have made us feel much more comfortable as we are now in our third official month in our home. One specific thing Mike told us is to expect ‘nail pops’ once we move in. Guess what…we have them but we expected them and hope that Shurm will continue their promise and resolve this within the designated time period provided. We have seen Mike in the neighborhood and he is always available to answer questions and provide insight! Pam (interior designer) was great to work with. Clearly she designs beautiful homes but working with her was a treat. She was very supportive and pleasant and she responded quickly to our questions regarding the home and design of the home. Lastly, I would like to speak about Ryan. What an asset! I’m sure there are dozens of qualified project managers you all might have selected. However, Ryan brings something to the table that cannot be duplicated or taught. Ryan has a personality that makes one believe that everything will be ok. You can’t train someone to have that. He just does. Ryan has been Johnny on the Spot since we had our first discussion well before we moved into our home. He has taken on responsibilities of our home to ensure that processes have been completed as requested. I could go on and on about Ryan. I truly hope Shurm Homes understands the value Ryan brings. We know that he loves his work because it shows daily. This brings me to my final point. This is a beautifully constructed home and we are quite pleased.

Greg Williams and Family
Mansfield Woods

Dear Mr. Shurm,
I just want to send you a heart-felt note regarding Josh, your Foreman. You may not remember my family and I, but we purchased 2 beautiful homes built by your Company [address 1 and address 2] in Mansfield Woods. I had a home issue the other day in which I presented to Josh concerning the front door bolt locks for each of our homes. The locks were not functioning properly, needed adjustment. I was skeptical, but I sent Josh a text message and told him about my safety concern. To my amazement, Josh quickly responded and handled the issue. It is this type of customer service that goes a long way with people these days. It is people like Josh that makes a tremendous impact in the world we live in today.  My daughters are very pleased with their first homes and we are very pleased with the way Josh responded to the call. I realize that in no way was Josh under any obligation, and because of his willingness to assist, speaks volumes about his own integrity and the respected leadership of Shurm Builders. Josh is the epitome of true customer service, which often appears to be lacking in today’s society, and he demonstrated genuine customer care and displayed immaculate professionalism. Please pass on to Josh, and your team, our utmost appreciation for the customer service we received.

Todd Martin
Fairway Mortgage Branch Manager

It was a pleasure working with your team in the sale of [client’s new home]. Shurm Homes builds a beautiful, well-constructed home and my client is thrilled with their new home. I look forward to working with your company in the near future.

Christopher & Teresa
Dispatch Station

I am so glad I did my research before deciding to build with Shurm Homes. They are truly amazing!! Everyone I have dealt with has gone above and beyond to make this process easy. The project manager (Josh) is very informative and is always keeping you informed on all the phases…

Build on Your Land

I just wanted to write you a letter to let you know how very pleased I have been working with Josh over the last year. Josh had been just excellent to work with. I feel that he has treated this project just like his own home. He took the time to educate me in the home building process.
Josh had to deal with many difficult situations during the construction process, but never lost his cool. He was able to juggle the homeowner as well as the subcontractors. I feel that I gained a friend as well as a nice home in the process. Thank you for introducing us to Josh as he will be remembered for years to come at our home.

Tia & Thomas
Dispatch Station

Shurm Homes is the way to go! With this being our first time building a home from the ground up, this process has been efficient, effective, smooth, and non-stressful. From the front office (Mike, Margaret, Pam, and Lindsay) to the on-site project manager (Josh), and all points in-between (draftsman, contractors, etc), we are truly grateful for all of the hard work done on our family’s behalf. Shurm Homes has not only exceeded our expectations on many levels, but they have helped us achieve our dream of home ownership. We would recommend them to any and all who are looking to do the same. Thank you Shurm Homes!